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ISelListModel< Item > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ISelListModel< Item >, including all inherited members.

SLM_AddSLView(ISelListView< Item > *pView)=0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_FocusItem(TIndex index)=0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_GetFocusedItemIndex() const =0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_GetItem(TIndex index) const =0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_GetItemsCount() const =0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_GetSelectedCount() const =0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_GetSelectedIndices(TIndexVector &vIndices) const =0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_InvertSingleItem(TIndex index)=0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_IsItemSelected(TIndex index) const =0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_RemoveSLView(ISelListView< Item > *pView)=0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_SelectAll(bool bSelect=true)=0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_SelectItems(const TIndexVector &vIndices, bool b_reset_others=false)=0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_SelectSingleItem(TIndex index)=0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
SLM_SelectTo(TIndex index)=0ISelListModel< Item >pure virtual
TIndex typedefISelListModel< Item >
TIndexVector typedefISelListModel< Item >
TItem typedefISelListModel< Item >
~ISelListModel()ISelListModel< Item >inlinevirtual
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