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IServer_ConnectionFactory Class Referenceabstract

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IServer_ConnectionFactory:: More...

#include <connect/server.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  EListenAction { eLAFail = 0 , eLAIgnore = 1 , eLARetry = 2 }
 What to do if the port is busy. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IServer_ConnectionFactory ()
virtual IServer_ConnectionHandlerCreate (void)=0
virtual EListenAction OnFailure (unsigned short *)
 Return desired action if the port, mentioned in AddListener is busy. More...

Detailed Description


Factory to be registered with CServer instance. You usually do not need to implement it, default template CServer_ConnectionFactory will suffice. You NEED to implement it manually to pass server-wide parameters to ConnectionHandler instances, e.g. for implementation of gentle shutdown.

Definition at line 387 of file server.hpp.

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