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#include <connect/server.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  EClosePeer { eOurClose , eClientClose }
 Type of connection closing. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IServer_ConnectionHandler ()
virtual EIO_Event GetEventsToPollFor (const CTime **) const
 Following three methods are guaranteed to be called NOT at the same time as On*, so if you implement them you should not guard the variables which they can use with mutexes. More...
virtual const STimeoutGetTimeout (void)
 Returns the timeout for this connection. More...
virtual bool IsOpen (void)
 Returns connection handler's perception of whether we open or not. More...
virtual bool IsReadyToProcess (void) const
 Returns the handler's readiness to process input data or to write some output data. More...
virtual void OnOpen (void)=0
 Runs in response to an external event [asynchronous]. More...
virtual void OnRead (void)=0
 The client has just sent data. More...
virtual void OnWrite (void)=0
 The client is ready to receive data. More...
virtual void OnClose (EClosePeer)
 The connection has closed (with information on type of closing) More...
virtual void OnTimeout (void)
 Runs when a client has been idle for too long, prior to closing the connection [synchronous]. More...
virtual void OnTimer (void)
 This method is called at the moment in time specified earlier by the alarm_time parameter of the GetEventsToPollFor method [synchronous]. More...
virtual void OnOverflow (EOverflowReason)
 Runs when there are insufficient resources to queue a connection, prior to closing it. More...
virtual void OnError (const string &)
 Runs when a socket error is detected. More...
CSocketGetSocket (void)
 Get underlying socket. More...
void SetSocket (CSocket *socket)

Private Attributes



class CServer_Connection

Detailed Description


Implement this interface to provide server functionality.

Definition at line 225 of file server.hpp.

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