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IUIDataSource - an interface representing a Data Source. More...

#include <gui/framework/ui_data_source.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~IUIDataSource ()
virtual IUIDataSourceTypeGetType () const =0
virtual const IUIObjectGetDescr ()=0
 returns UI description of the object (label, icon etc.) More...
virtual bool IsOpen ()=0
 a Data source needs to be open before use and closed after. More...
virtual bool Open ()=0
 Prepares Data Source for use, any initialization that can be potentially time-consuming or may require error handling shall be done in this function, not in a constructor. More...
virtual bool Close ()=0
virtual IUIToolManagerGetLoadManager ()=0
virtual int GetDefaultCommand ()
virtual wxEvtHandler * CreateEvtHandler ()

Detailed Description

IUIDataSource - an interface representing a Data Source.

Data Source is an object that provides access to data available in external databases and services. Data Source can support functions such as loading, saving, searching, exploring and editing. Data Source is supposed to represent a user concept and be exposed in the application UI. Users will be able to interact with Data Source objects creating new sources, changing their properties and accessing functions provided by the objects. Technically Data Source may work as fašade for a collection of several different databases and services, but in the user world it shall correspond to a single concept understandable by the end users (such as GenBank).

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