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IUIExporter is a IUIToolManager that represents an export tool. More...

#include <gui/core/ui_export_tool.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void SetLocations (const TRelatedObjectsMap &)=0
 sets objects to be exported. More...
virtual void SetObjects (const TConstScopedObjects &input)=0
virtual void SetFileName (const string &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUIToolManager
virtual const IUIObjectGetDescriptor () const =0
 Returns the object describing this tool (UI meta data). More...
virtual void SetServiceLocator (IServiceLocator *srv_locator)=0
 Sets / unsets Service Locator. More...
virtual void SetParentWindow (wxWindow *parent)=0
virtual void InitUI ()=0
 Initializes the Manager before using it in UI. More...
virtual void CleanUI ()=0
 CleanUI() is called after the host finished using the manager. More...
virtual wxPanel * GetCurrentPanel ()=0
 Return the panel corresponding to the current state of Tool Manager. More...
virtual wxPanel * GetMaxPanel ()
 Return the panel that occupies max size on display, to calculate dialog window size. More...
virtual bool IsFinalState ()=0
 True if Tool Manager has reached its final state, i.e. More...
virtual bool IsCompletedState ()=0
 Manager goes into "Complete" state when "Finish" button is pressed and all input data is gatherred and validated. More...
virtual bool CanDo (EAction action)=0
 Indicates whether given transition is possible in the current state. More...
virtual bool DoTransition (EAction action)=0
 Performs transition if possible and returns true, otherwise the function shall warn the user about the problem preventing the transition (such as insufficient or invalid input) and return false. More...
virtual IUIToolManagerGetAlternateToolManager ()
 If a transition fails, it may make sense to switch to a different tool manger When a tool manager identifies a more appropriate manager for a task, it returns it here, otherwise NULL. More...
virtual IAppTaskGetTask ()=0
 Once parameters are gathered and validated this function is called to produce the final Task object that will be executed to do the actual computational work. More...
virtual IExecuteUnitGetExecuteUnit ()
virtual IWizardPageGetFirstPage ()
 Returns first options page (if any) of the tool to be shown in wizard dialog. More...
virtual IWizardPageGetOptionsPage ()
 Returns page for tool options (long wizard path via "Options" button) More...
virtual void SetPrevPage (IWizardPage *)
 Sets a wizard page which should show before the first page of the tool. More...
virtual void SetNextPage (IWizardPage *)
 Sets a wizard page which should show after the last page of the tool. More...
virtual void RestoreDefaults ()
 Restores the default options for the current panel. More...
virtual void ResetState ()
virtual bool UsesSingleOMScope ()
virtual ~IUIToolManager ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IUIToolManager
enum  EAction { eBack = 0 , eNext , eSkip }

Detailed Description

IUIExporter is a IUIToolManager that represents an export tool.

TODO - consider placing this interface in a separate file

Definition at line 50 of file ui_export_tool.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetFileName()

virtual void IUIExportTool::SetFileName ( const string )

Reimplemented in CWiggleExporter, and CAsnExporter.

Definition at line 56 of file ui_export_tool.hpp.

◆ SetLocations()

virtual void IUIExportTool::SetLocations ( const TRelatedObjectsMap )
pure virtual

◆ SetObjects()

virtual void IUIExportTool::SetObjects ( const TConstScopedObjects input)
pure virtual

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