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IViewManagerService Class Referenceabstract

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IViewManagerService IViewManagerService manages views in Workbench. More...

#include <gui/framework/view_manager_service.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef vector< CIRef< IView > > TViews
typedef CMRUList< stringTMRUViews
typedef vector< CIRef< IViewFactory > > TFactories
typedef vector< const CViewTypeDescriptor * > TDescrVec

Public Member Functions

virtual void RegisterFactory (IViewFactory &factory)=0
 assumes ownership of the factory More...
virtual void GetTypeDescriptors (TDescrVec &descrs)=0
virtual void GetFactories (TFactories &factories)=0
virtual CIRef< IViewCreateViewInstance (const string &type_ui_name)=0
 create a view instance of the specified type More...
virtual CIRef< IViewCreateViewInstanceByFingerprint (const IWMClient::CFingerprint &fingerprint)=0
 create a view instance of the specified type More...
virtual bool CanCreateView (const string &type_ui_name)=0
virtual void AddToWorkbench (IView &view, bool bFloat=false)=0
 adds view to Workbench and connects to the services the view must be already initialized More...
virtual void RemoveFromWorkbench (IView &view)=0
 disconnects view from services and removes from the Workbench More...
virtual void RemoveAllViewsFromWorkbench ()=0
 disconnects and removes all view from Workbench More...
virtual bool HasView (const IView &view) const =0
virtual void GetViews (TViews &views)=0
 get all registered views More...
virtual CIRef< IViewGetSingletonView (const string &singleton_ui_name)=0
 returns a pointer singleton view if it already exists in workbench or NULL More...
virtual CIRef< IViewShowSingletonView (const string &singleton_ui_name)=0
 activates the specified view, create a new view if it does not exist More...
virtual ~IViewManagerService ()

Detailed Description

IViewManagerService IViewManagerService manages views in Workbench.

Definition at line 65 of file view_manager_service.hpp.

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