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ShowHideManager Class Reference

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#include "show_hide_manager.hpp"
(Private to src/app/cn3d.)

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~ShowHideManager ()
bool OverlayConfEnsembles (void) const
void Show (const StructureBase *entity, bool isShown)
void MakeAllVisible (void)
bool IsHidden (const StructureBase *entity) const
bool IsVisible (const StructureBase *entity) const
void GetShowHideInfo (std::vector< std::string > *names, std::vector< bool > *visibilities) const
void ShowHideCallbackFunction (const std::vector< bool > &itemsEnabled)
bool SelectionChangedCallback (const std::vector< bool > &original, std::vector< bool > &itemsEnabled)
void ConstructShowHideArray (const StructureSet *structureSet)
void ShowAlignedDomains (const StructureSet *set)
void ShowAlignedOrAnnotatedDomains (const StructureSet *set)
void ShowAlignedChains (const StructureSet *set)
void ShowResidues (const StructureSet *set, bool showAligned)
void ShowUnalignedResiduesInAlignedDomains (const StructureSet *set)
void ShowSelectedResidues (const StructureSet *set)
void ShowDomainsWithHighlights (const StructureSet *set)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ShowHideCallbackObject
virtual ~ShowHideCallbackObject (void)

Private Types

typedef std::map< const StructureBase *, boolEntitiesHidden

Private Member Functions

void PrivateShowResidues (const StructureSet *set, bool showAligned)
void UnHideEntityAndChildren (const StructureBase *entity)

Private Attributes

EntitiesHidden entitiesHidden
std::vector< const ShowHideInfo * > structureInfo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file show_hide_manager.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ EntitiesHidden

typedef std::map< const StructureBase *, bool > ShowHideManager::EntitiesHidden

Definition at line 86 of file show_hide_manager.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~ShowHideManager()

ShowHideManager::~ShowHideManager ( )

Definition at line 143 of file show_hide_manager.cpp.

References i, and structureInfo.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ConstructShowHideArray()

void ShowHideManager::ConstructShowHideArray ( const StructureSet structureSet)

Definition at line 273 of file show_hide_manager.cpp.

References info, StructureSet::objects, and structureInfo.

Referenced by StructureSet::Load().

◆ GetShowHideInfo()

void ShowHideManager::GetShowHideInfo ( std::vector< std::string > *  names,
std::vector< bool > *  visibilities 
) const

Definition at line 312 of file show_hide_manager.cpp.

References i, names, and structureInfo.

Referenced by StructureWindow::OnShowHide().

◆ IsHidden()

bool ShowHideManager::IsHidden ( const StructureBase entity) const

◆ IsVisible()

bool ShowHideManager::IsVisible ( const StructureBase entity) const

◆ MakeAllVisible()

void ShowHideManager::MakeAllVisible ( void  )

◆ OverlayConfEnsembles()

bool ShowHideManager::OverlayConfEnsembles ( void  ) const

◆ PrivateShowResidues()

void ShowHideManager::PrivateShowResidues ( const StructureSet set,
bool  showAligned 

◆ SelectionChangedCallback()

bool ShowHideManager::SelectionChangedCallback ( const std::vector< bool > &  original,
std::vector< bool > &  itemsEnabled 

Reimplemented from ShowHideCallbackObject.

Definition at line 335 of file show_hide_manager.cpp.

References i, and structureInfo.

◆ Show()

void ShowHideManager::Show ( const StructureBase entity,
bool  isShown 

◆ ShowAlignedChains()

void ShowHideManager::ShowAlignedChains ( const StructureSet set)

◆ ShowAlignedDomains()

void ShowHideManager::ShowAlignedDomains ( const StructureSet set)

◆ ShowAlignedOrAnnotatedDomains()

void ShowHideManager::ShowAlignedOrAnnotatedDomains ( const StructureSet set)

◆ ShowDomainsWithHighlights()

void ShowHideManager::ShowDomainsWithHighlights ( const StructureSet set)

◆ ShowHideCallbackFunction()

void ShowHideManager::ShowHideCallbackFunction ( const std::vector< bool > &  itemsEnabled)

Implements ShowHideCallbackObject.

Definition at line 323 of file show_hide_manager.cpp.

References entitiesHidden, ERRORMSG, i, Show(), structureInfo, and TRACEMSG.

◆ ShowResidues()

void ShowHideManager::ShowResidues ( const StructureSet set,
bool  showAligned 

Definition at line 501 of file show_hide_manager.cpp.

References MakeAllVisible(), and PrivateShowResidues().

Referenced by StructureWindow::OnShowHide().

◆ ShowSelectedResidues()

void ShowHideManager::ShowSelectedResidues ( const StructureSet set)

◆ ShowUnalignedResiduesInAlignedDomains()

void ShowHideManager::ShowUnalignedResiduesInAlignedDomains ( const StructureSet set)

Definition at line 507 of file show_hide_manager.cpp.

References PrivateShowResidues(), and ShowAlignedDomains().

◆ UnHideEntityAndChildren()

void ShowHideManager::UnHideEntityAndChildren ( const StructureBase entity)

Member Data Documentation

◆ entitiesHidden

EntitiesHidden ShowHideManager::entitiesHidden

◆ structureInfo

std::vector< const ShowHideInfo * > ShowHideManager::structureInfo

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