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pair_base_member< Base, Member > Class Template Reference

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Template used for empty base class optimization. More...

#include <corelib/ncbimisc.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef Base base_type
typedef Base first_type
typedef Member member_type
typedef Member second_type

Public Member Functions

 pair_base_member (void)
 pair_base_member (const member_type &member_value)
 pair_base_member (const first_type &first_value, const second_type &second_value)
const first_typefirst () const
first_typefirst ()
const second_typesecond () const
second_typesecond ()
void Swap (pair_base_member< first_type, second_type > &p)

Private Attributes

member_type m_Member

Detailed Description

template<class Base, class Member>
class pair_base_member< Base, Member >

Template used for empty base class optimization.

See details in the August '97 "C++ Issue" of Dr. Dobb's Journal Also available from We store usually empty template argument class together with data member. This template is much like STL's pair<>, but the access to members is done though methods first() and second() returning references to corresponding members. First template argument is represented as private base class, while second template argument is represented as private member. In addition to constructor taking two arguments, we add constructor for initialization of only data member (second). This is useful since usually first type is empty and doesn't require non-trivial constructor. We do not define any comparison functions as this template is intented to be used internally within another templates, which themselves should provide any additional functionality.


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