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compound_id_impl.hpp File Reference

Internal declarations of the CompoundID classes. More...

#include <connect/services/compound_id.hpp>
#include <util/random_gen.hpp>
#include <corelib/ncbimtx.hpp>
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struct  SFieldListLink
struct  SNeighborListLink
struct  SSameTypeListLink
struct  SCompoundIDFieldImpl
struct  SFieldList< Link >
struct  SCompoundIDImpl
struct  SCompoundIDObjectPool< Poolable, FieldTypeOrIDClass >
struct  SCompoundIDPoolImpl


typedef SFieldList< SNeighborListLinkTFieldList
typedef SFieldList< SSameTypeListLinkTHomogeneousFieldList


void g_PackID (void *binary_id, size_t binary_id_len, string &packed_id)
bool g_UnpackID (const string &packed_id, string &binary_id)

Detailed Description

Internal declarations of the CompoundID classes.

Definition in file compound_id_impl.hpp.

Typedef Documentation

◆ TFieldList

Definition at line 152 of file compound_id_impl.hpp.

◆ THomogeneousFieldList

Definition at line 153 of file compound_id_impl.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ g_PackID()

void g_PackID ( void *  binary_id,
size_t  binary_id_len,
string packed_id 

Definition at line 947 of file compound_id.cpp.

References base64url_encode, NULL, and s_Scramble().

◆ g_UnpackID()

bool g_UnpackID ( const string packed_id,
string binary_id 

Definition at line 987 of file compound_id.cpp.

References base64url_decode, eBase64_OK, NULL, and s_Unscramble().

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