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concat_seqentries.cpp File Reference
#include <ncbi_pch.hpp>
#include <corelib/ncbiapp.hpp>
#include <corelib/ncbienv.hpp>
#include <corelib/ncbiargs.hpp>
#include <corelib/ncbifile.hpp>
#include <corelib/ncbistre.hpp>
#include <util/compress/stream.hpp>
#include <util/compress/zlib.hpp>
#include <serial/serial.hpp>
#include <serial/objostrasnb.hpp>
#include <serial/objistrasnb.hpp>
#include <objects/seqset/Seq_entry.hpp>
#include <objtools/data_loaders/asn_cache/asn_cache.hpp>
#include <objtools/data_loaders/asn_cache/chunk_file.hpp>
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class  CConcatSeqEntriesApplication


 USING_SCOPE (objects)
void DumpSeqEntries (CDir &cache_path, CNcbiOstream &output_stream)
int main (int argc, const char *argv[])



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◆ DumpSeqEntries()

void DumpSeqEntries ( CDir cache_path,
CNcbiOstream output_stream 

◆ main()

int main ( int  argc,
const char *  argv[] 

Definition at line 180 of file concat_seqentries.cpp.

References CNcbiApplicationAPI::AppMain().


USING_SCOPE ( objects  )

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Definition at line 52 of file concat_seqentries.cpp.

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