NCBI C++ ToolKit
cuBookRefUtils.cpp File Reference
#include <ncbi_pch.hpp>
#include <serial/enumvalues.hpp>
#include <util/xregexp/regexp.hpp>
#include <util/ncbi_url.hpp>
#include <objects/cdd/Cdd_descr.hpp>
#include <algo/structure/cd_utils/cuBookRefUtils.hpp>
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bool IsPortalDerivedBookRef (const CCdd_book_ref &bookRef)
string CCddBookRefToString (const CCdd_book_ref &bookRef)
string BrFcgiBookTermToEutilsTerm (const string &brfcgiBookTerm, bool forceOR)
string CCddBookRefToEsearchTerm (const CCdd_book_ref &bookRef)
string CCddBookRefToBvString (const CCdd_book_ref &bookRef)
string CCddBookRefToBrString (const CCdd_book_ref &bookRef)
string CCddBookRefToPortalString (const CCdd_book_ref &bookRef)
bool BrBookURLToCCddBookRef (const string &brBookUrl, CRef< CCdd_book_ref > &bookRef)
bool PortalBookURLToCCddBookRef (const string &portalBookUrl, CRef< CCdd_book_ref > &bookRef)

Function Documentation

◆ BrBookURLToCCddBookRef()

bool BrBookURLToCCddBookRef ( const string brBookUrl,
CRef< CCdd_book_ref > &  bookRef 

◆ BrFcgiBookTermToEutilsTerm()

string BrFcgiBookTermToEutilsTerm ( const string brfcgiBookTerm,
bool  forceOR 

◆ CCddBookRefToBrString()

string CCddBookRefToBrString ( const CCdd_book_ref bookRef)

◆ CCddBookRefToBvString()

string CCddBookRefToBvString ( const CCdd_book_ref bookRef)

◆ CCddBookRefToEsearchTerm()

string CCddBookRefToEsearchTerm ( const CCdd_book_ref bookRef)

◆ CCddBookRefToPortalString()

string CCddBookRefToPortalString ( const CCdd_book_ref bookRef)

◆ CCddBookRefToString()

string CCddBookRefToString ( const CCdd_book_ref bookRef)

◆ IsPortalDerivedBookRef()

bool IsPortalDerivedBookRef ( const CCdd_book_ref bookRef)

◆ PortalBookURLToCCddBookRef()

bool PortalBookURLToCCddBookRef ( const string portalBookUrl,
CRef< CCdd_book_ref > &  bookRef 
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