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directory  demo
directory  unit_test


file  blast.cpp [code]
 Find local alignments between sequences.
file  clusterer.cpp [code]
file  cobalt.cpp [code]
 Implementation of the CMultiAligner class.
file  dist.cpp [code]
 Implementation of CDistances.
file  hit.cpp [code]
 Implementation of CHit class.
file  hitlist.cpp [code]
 Implementation of CHitList class.
file  kmercounts.cpp [code]
file  options.cpp [code]
 Implementation of the CMultiAlignerOptions class.
file  patterns.cpp [code]
file  phi.cpp [code]
 Match PHI patterns against a list of sequences.
file  prog.cpp [code]
 Perform a progressive multiple alignment.
file  resfreq.cpp [code]
 Implementation of CProfileData.
file  rps.cpp [code]
 Use RPS blast to find domain hits.
file  seg.cpp [code]
 Code that deals with scoring and manipulating alignments ("segments") from BLAST runs.
file  seq.cpp [code]
 Implementation of CSequence class.
file  seqalign.cpp [code]
 Contents: Seqalign output for a multiple sequence alignment.
file  traceback.cpp [code]
 Implementation of CEditScript class.
file  tree.cpp [code]
 Implementation of CTree class.
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