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seqdb_reader Directory Reference
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directory  impl


file  column_reader.hpp [code]
 Defines column reader class for SeqDB.
file  itax4blast.hpp [code]
 Declares an interface for getting taxonomic information for filtering BLASTDBs.
file  seqdb.hpp [code]
 Defines BLAST database access classes.
file  seqdbblob.hpp [code]
 Defines BlastDb `Blob' class for SeqDB and WriteDB.
file  seqdbcommon.hpp [code]
 Defines exception class and several constants for SeqDB.
file  seqdbexpert.hpp [code]
 Defines `expert' version of CSeqDB interfaces.
file  seqidlist_reader.hpp [code]
file  tax4blastsqlite.hpp [code]
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