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interfaces.hpp File Reference
#include <dbapi/driver/public.hpp>
#include <dbapi/driver/impl/dbapi_impl_context.hpp>
#include <dbapi/driver/impl/dbapi_impl_connection.hpp>
#include <dbapi/driver/impl/dbapi_impl_cmd.hpp>
#include <dbapi/driver/impl/dbapi_impl_result.hpp>
#include <dbapi/driver/util/parameters.hpp>
#include <windows.h>
#include <mysql.h>
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class  CMySQLContext
class  CMySQL_Connection
class  CMySQL_LangCmd
class  CMySQL_RowResult


void NCBI_EntryPoint_xdbapi_mysql (CPluginManager< I_DriverContext >::TDriverInfoList &info_list, CPluginManager< I_DriverContext >::EEntryPointRequest method)


const string kDBAPI_MYSQL_DriverName

Function Documentation

◆ NCBI_EntryPoint_xdbapi_mysql()

void NCBI_EntryPoint_xdbapi_mysql ( CPluginManager< I_DriverContext >::TDriverInfoList &  info_list,
CPluginManager< I_DriverContext >::EEntryPointRequest  method 

Variable Documentation

◆ kDBAPI_MYSQL_DriverName

const string kDBAPI_MYSQL_DriverName
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