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dtoa.h File Reference
#include "itoa.h"
#include "diyfp.h"
#include "ieee754.h"
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 main RapidJSON namespace


void rapidjson::internal::GrisuRound (char *buffer, int len, uint64_t delta, uint64_t rest, uint64_t ten_kappa, uint64_t wp_w)
int rapidjson::internal::CountDecimalDigit32 (uint32_t n)
void rapidjson::internal::DigitGen (const DiyFp &W, const DiyFp &Mp, uint64_t delta, char *buffer, int *len, int *K)
void rapidjson::internal::Grisu2 (double value, char *buffer, int *length, int *K)
char * rapidjson::internal::WriteExponent (int K, char *buffer)
char * rapidjson::internal::Prettify (char *buffer, int length, int k, int maxDecimalPlaces)
char * rapidjson::internal::dtoa (double value, char *buffer, int maxDecimalPlaces=324)
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