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feature_filter.hpp File Reference
#include <gui/gui_export.h>
#include <objmgr/scope.hpp>
#include <objmgr/mapped_feat.hpp>
#include <util/qparse/query_exec.hpp>
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class  CFeatFilterQueryException
 Query parser exceptions class CFeatFilterQueryException. More...
class  CFeatureFilter
 class CFeatureFilter More...
class  CSGQueryNodeValue
 class CQueryNodeValue More...
class  CSGQueryNodePreprocessor
 class CSGQueryNodePreprocessor More...
class  CSGQueryFunctionValue
 class CSGQueryFunctionValue More...
class  CSGQueryFunctionLogic
 class CSGQueryFunctionLogic More...
class  CSGQueryFunctionCompare
 class CSGQueryFunctionCompare More...


typedef map< string, CQueryParseNode::ETypeTIdentifierDict

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Definition at line 44 of file feature_filter.hpp.

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