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dbpivot.c File Reference
#include <config.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <freetds/time.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <freetds/tds.h>
#include <freetds/thread.h>
#include <freetds/convert.h>
#include <freetds/string.h>
#include <replacements.h>
#include <sybfront.h>
#include <sybdb.h>
#include <syberror.h>
#include <dblib.h>
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struct  col_t
struct  KEY_T
struct  agg_t
struct  metadata_t
struct  pivot_t
struct  name_t


#define TDS_FIND(k, b, c)   tds_find(k, b, sizeof(b)/sizeof(b[0]), sizeof(b[0]), c)
#define TEST_MALLOC(dest, type)    {if (!(dest = (type*)calloc(1, sizeof(type)))) goto Cleanup;}
#define TEST_CALLOC(dest, type, n)    {if (!(dest = (type*)calloc((n), sizeof(type)))) goto Cleanup;}
#define tds_alloc_column()   ((TDSCOLUMN*) calloc(1, sizeof(TDSCOLUMN)))


typedef bool(* compare_func) (const void *, const void *)
typedef struct KEY_T KEY_T
typedef struct agg_t AGG_T
typedef struct pivot_t PIVOT_T


static void * tds_find (const void *key, const void *base, size_t nelem, size_t width, compare_func compar)
static TDS_SERVER_TYPE infer_col_type (int sybtype)
static struct col_tcol_init (struct col_t *pcol, int sybtype, size_t collen)
static void col_free (struct col_t *p)
static bool col_equal (const struct col_t *pc1, const struct col_t *pc2)
static void * col_buffer (struct col_t *pcol)
static struct col_tcol_cpy (struct col_t *pdest, const struct col_t *psrc)
static bool col_null (const struct col_t *pcol)
static char * string_value (const struct col_t *pcol)
static char * join (int argc, char *argv[], const char sep[])
static int bind_type (int sybtype)
static bool key_equal (const KEY_T *a, const KEY_T *b)
static void key_free (KEY_T *p)
static KEY_Tkey_cpy (KEY_T *pdest, const KEY_T *psrc)
static char * make_col_name (DBPROCESS *dbproc, const KEY_T *k)
static bool agg_next (const AGG_T *p1, const AGG_T *p2)
static void agg_free (AGG_T *p)
static bool agg_equal (const AGG_T *p1, const AGG_T *p2)
static TDSRESULTINFOalloc_results (TDS_USMALLINT num_cols)
static TDSRET set_result_column (TDSSOCKET *tds, TDSCOLUMN *curcol, const char name[], const struct col_t *pvalue)
static bool reinit_results (TDSSOCKET *tds, TDS_USMALLINT num_cols, const struct metadata_t meta[])
static bool pivot_key_equal (const PIVOT_T *a, const PIVOT_T *b)
PIVOT_Tdbrows_pivoted (DBPROCESS *dbproc)
STATUS dbnextrow_pivoted (DBPROCESS *dbproc, PIVOT_T *pp)
RETCODE dbpivot (DBPROCESS *dbproc, int nkeys, int *keys, int ncols, int *cols, DBPIVOT_FUNC func, int val)
 Pivot the rows, creating a new resultset. More...
void dbpivot_count (struct col_t *tgt, const struct col_t *src)
void dbpivot_sum (struct col_t *tgt, const struct col_t *src)
void dbpivot_min (struct col_t *tgt, const struct col_t *src)
void dbpivot_max (struct col_t *tgt, const struct col_t *src)
static bool name_equal (const struct name_t *n1, const struct name_t *n2)
DBPIVOT_FUNC dbpivot_lookup_name (const char name[])


static PIVOT_Tpivots = NULL
static size_t npivots = 0
static const struct name_t names []

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ tds_alloc_column

#define tds_alloc_column (   void)    ((TDSCOLUMN*) calloc(1, sizeof(TDSCOLUMN)))

Definition at line 654 of file dbpivot.c.


#define TDS_FIND (   k,
)    tds_find(k, b, sizeof(b)/sizeof(b[0]), sizeof(b[0]), c)

Definition at line 56 of file dbpivot.c.


#define TEST_CALLOC (   dest,
)     {if (!(dest = (type*)calloc((n), sizeof(type)))) goto Cleanup;}

Definition at line 651 of file dbpivot.c.


#define TEST_MALLOC (   dest,
)     {if (!(dest = (type*)calloc(1, sizeof(type)))) goto Cleanup;}

Definition at line 647 of file dbpivot.c.

Typedef Documentation


typedef struct agg_t AGG_T

◆ compare_func

typedef bool(* compare_func) (const void *, const void *)

Definition at line 58 of file dbpivot.c.


typedef struct KEY_T KEY_T


typedef struct pivot_t PIVOT_T

Function Documentation

◆ agg_equal()

static bool agg_equal ( const AGG_T p1,
const AGG_T p2 

Definition at line 623 of file dbpivot.c.

References assert, col_equal(), agg_t::col_key, i, KEY_T::keys, KEY_T::nkeys, and agg_t::row_key.

Referenced by dbpivot().

◆ agg_free()

static void agg_free ( AGG_T p)

Definition at line 615 of file dbpivot.c.

References col_free(), agg_t::col_key, key_free(), agg_t::row_key, and agg_t::value.

Referenced by dbpivot().

◆ agg_next()

static bool agg_next ( const AGG_T p1,
const AGG_T p2 

Definition at line 574 of file dbpivot.c.

References assert, col_equal(), agg_t::col_key, i, KEY_T::keys, KEY_T::nkeys, NULL, agg_t::row_key, and col_t::type.

Referenced by dbnextrow_pivoted().

◆ alloc_results()

static TDSRESULTINFO* alloc_results ( TDS_USMALLINT  num_cols)

◆ bind_type()

static int bind_type ( int  sybtype)

◆ col_buffer()

static void* col_buffer ( struct col_t pcol)

◆ col_cpy()

static struct col_t* col_cpy ( struct col_t pdest,
const struct col_t psrc 

Definition at line 276 of file dbpivot.c.

References assert, col_t::len, NULL, col_t::null_indicator, col_t::s, and tds_new.

Referenced by dbpivot(), and key_cpy().

◆ col_equal()

static bool col_equal ( const struct col_t pc1,
const struct col_t pc2 

◆ col_free()

static void col_free ( struct col_t p)

Definition at line 125 of file dbpivot.c.

References free(), and col_t::s.

Referenced by agg_free(), and key_free().

◆ col_init()

static struct col_t* col_init ( struct col_t pcol,
int  sybtype,
size_t  collen 

◆ col_null()

static bool col_null ( const struct col_t pcol)

Definition at line 295 of file dbpivot.c.

References assert, col_t::null_indicator, and true.

Referenced by dbnextrow_pivoted(), dbpivot_count(), dbpivot_max(), dbpivot_min(), and dbpivot_sum().

◆ dbnextrow_pivoted()

STATUS dbnextrow_pivoted ( DBPROCESS dbproc,

◆ dbpivot()

RETCODE dbpivot ( DBPROCESS dbproc,
int  nkeys,
int keys,
int  ncols,
int cols,
int  val 

Pivot the rows, creating a new resultset.

Call dbpivot() immediately after dbresults(). It calls dbnextrow() as long as it returns REG_ROW, transforming the results into a cross-tab report. dbpivot() modifies the metadata such that DB-Library can be used tranparently: retrieve the rows as usual with dbnumcols(), dbnextrow(), etc.

@dbproc, our old friend @nkeys the number of left-edge columns to group by @keys an array of left-edge columns to group by @ncols the number of top-edge columns to group by @cols an array of top-edge columns to group by @func the aggregation function to use @val the number of the column to which @func is applied

the return code from the final call to dbnextrow(). Success is normally indicated by NO_MORE_ROWS.

Definition at line 926 of file dbpivot.c.

References _DB_RES_RESULTSET_EMPTY, _DB_RES_RESULTSET_ROWS, pivot_t::across, agg_equal(), agg_free(), assert, bind_type(), buffer, metadata_t::col, col_buffer(), col_cpy(), col_init(), agg_t::col_key, dbbind(), dbcollen(), dbcolname(), dbcoltype(), dbnextrow, dbnullbind(), dbperror, pivot_t::dbproc, dbproc, tds_dblib_dbprocess::dbresults_state, pivot_t::dbresults_state, exit(), FAIL, i, input(), key_cpy(), key_equal(), key_free(), KEY_T::keys, len, make_col_name(), pivot_t::nacross, metadata_t::name, names, pivot_t::nout, npivots, NULL, pivot_t::output, P, metadata_t::pacross, pivot_key_equal(), pivots, REG_ROW, reinit_results(), agg_t::row_key, pivot_t::status, strdup, SUCCEED, SYBEMEM, SYBFLT8, TDS_DBG_FUNC, tds_find(), tds_new0, TDS_RESIZE, tds_dblib_dbprocess::tds_socket, tdsdump_log, val, and agg_t::value.

◆ dbpivot_count()

void dbpivot_count ( struct col_t tgt,
const struct col_t src 

Definition at line 1120 of file dbpivot.c.

References assert, col_null(), col_t::data, col_t::i, SYBINT4, and col_t::type.

◆ dbpivot_lookup_name()

DBPIVOT_FUNC dbpivot_lookup_name ( const char  name[])

Definition at line 1317 of file dbpivot.c.

References n, name_t::name, name_equal(), names, NULL, and TDS_FIND.

◆ dbpivot_max()

void dbpivot_max ( struct col_t tgt,
const struct col_t src 

◆ dbpivot_min()

void dbpivot_min ( struct col_t tgt,
const struct col_t src 

◆ dbpivot_sum()

void dbpivot_sum ( struct col_t tgt,
const struct col_t src 

◆ dbrows_pivoted()

PIVOT_T* dbrows_pivoted ( DBPROCESS dbproc)

Definition at line 799 of file dbpivot.c.

References assert, dbproc, npivots, P, pivot_key_equal(), pivots, and tds_find().

◆ infer_col_type()

static TDS_SERVER_TYPE infer_col_type ( int  sybtype)

◆ join()

static char* join ( int  argc,
char *  argv[],
const char  sep[] 

◆ key_cpy()

static KEY_T* key_cpy ( KEY_T pdest,
const KEY_T psrc 

Definition at line 497 of file dbpivot.c.

References assert, col_cpy(), i, KEY_T::keys, KEY_T::nkeys, NULL, and tds_new0.

Referenced by dbnextrow_pivoted(), and dbpivot().

◆ key_equal()

static bool key_equal ( const KEY_T a,
const KEY_T b 

Definition at line 472 of file dbpivot.c.

References a, assert, b, col_equal(), and i.

Referenced by __WORKAROUND_RENAME(), dbpivot(), and CSourceModParser::GetModAllowedValues().

◆ key_free()

static void key_free ( KEY_T p)

Definition at line 489 of file dbpivot.c.

References col_free(), free(), and KEY_T::keys.

Referenced by agg_free(), and dbpivot().

◆ make_col_name()

static char* make_col_name ( DBPROCESS dbproc,
const KEY_T k 

Definition at line 518 of file dbpivot.c.

References assert, dbperror, dbproc, free(), join(), KEY_T::keys, names, KEY_T::nkeys, NULL, output, col_t::s, string_value(), SYBEMEM, and tds_new0.

Referenced by dbpivot().

◆ name_equal()

static bool name_equal ( const struct name_t n1,
const struct name_t n2 

Definition at line 1310 of file dbpivot.c.

References assert, name_t::name, and util::strcmp().

Referenced by dbpivot_lookup_name().

◆ pivot_key_equal()

static bool pivot_key_equal ( const PIVOT_T a,
const PIVOT_T b 

Definition at line 788 of file dbpivot.c.

References a, assert, b, and true.

Referenced by dbpivot(), and dbrows_pivoted().

◆ reinit_results()

static bool reinit_results ( TDSSOCKET tds,
TDS_USMALLINT  num_cols,
const struct metadata_t  meta[] 

◆ set_result_column()

static TDSRET set_result_column ( TDSSOCKET tds,
const char  name[],
const struct col_t pvalue 

◆ string_value()

static char* string_value ( const struct col_t pcol)

◆ tds_find()

static void* tds_find ( const void *  key,
const void *  base,
size_t  nelem,
size_t  width,
compare_func  compar 

Definition at line 61 of file dbpivot.c.

References i, ncbi::grid::netcache::search::fields::key, and NULL.

Referenced by dbnextrow_pivoted(), dbpivot(), and dbrows_pivoted().

Variable Documentation

◆ names

const struct name_t names[]
Initial value:
{ { "count", dbpivot_count }
, { "sum", dbpivot_sum }
, { "min", dbpivot_min }
, { "max", dbpivot_max }
void dbpivot_count(struct col_t *tgt, const struct col_t *src)
Definition: dbpivot.c:1120
void dbpivot_min(struct col_t *tgt, const struct col_t *src)
Definition: dbpivot.c:1188
void dbpivot_max(struct col_t *tgt, const struct col_t *src)
Definition: dbpivot.c:1244
void dbpivot_sum(struct col_t *tgt, const struct col_t *src)
Definition: dbpivot.c:1132

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◆ npivots

size_t npivots = 0

Definition at line 796 of file dbpivot.c.

Referenced by dbpivot(), and dbrows_pivoted().

◆ pivots

PIVOT_T* pivots = NULL

Definition at line 795 of file dbpivot.c.

Referenced by dbpivot(), and dbrows_pivoted().

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