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tdsstring.c File Reference
#include <config.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <freetds/tds.h>
#include <freetds/string.h>
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#define EMPTY   ((struct tds_dstr*) &tds_str_empty)


void tds_dstr_zero (DSTR *s)
 clear all string filling with zeroes (mainly for security reason) More...
void tds_dstr_free (DSTR *s)
 free string More...
DSTRtds_dstr_copyn (DSTR *s, const char *src, size_t length)
 Set string to a given buffer of characters. More...
DSTRtds_dstr_set (DSTR *s, char *src)
 set a string from another buffer. More...
DSTRtds_dstr_copy (DSTR *s, const char *src)
 copy a string from another More...
DSTRtds_dstr_dup (DSTR *s, const DSTR *src)
 Duplicate a string from another dynamic string. More...
DSTRtds_dstr_setlen (DSTR *s, size_t length)
 limit length of string, MUST be <= current length More...
DSTRtds_dstr_alloc (DSTR *s, size_t length)
 allocate space for length char More...


const struct tds_dstr tds_str_empty = { 0, "" }
 Internal representation for an empty string. More...

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#define EMPTY   ((struct tds_dstr*) &tds_str_empty)

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