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fwd.h File Reference
#include "rapidjson.h"
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 main RapidJSON namespace


typedef GenericStringStream< UTF8< char > > rapidjson::StringStream
 String stream with UTF8 encoding. More...
typedef GenericInsituStringStream< UTF8< char > > rapidjson::InsituStringStream
 Insitu string stream with UTF8 encoding. More...
typedef GenericStringBuffer< UTF8< char >, CrtAllocator > rapidjson::StringBuffer
 String buffer with UTF8 encoding. More...
typedef GenericMemoryBuffer< CrtAllocator > rapidjson::MemoryBuffer
typedef GenericReader< UTF8< char >, UTF8< char >, CrtAllocator > rapidjson::Reader
 Reader with UTF8 encoding and default allocator. More...
typedef GenericPointer< Value, CrtAllocator > rapidjson::Pointer
 GenericPointer for Value (UTF-8, default allocator). More...
typedef GenericSchemaDocument< Value, CrtAllocator > rapidjson::SchemaDocument
 GenericSchemaDocument using Value type. More...
typedef IGenericRemoteSchemaDocumentProvider< SchemaDocument > rapidjson::IRemoteSchemaDocumentProvider
 IGenericRemoteSchemaDocumentProvider using SchemaDocument. More...
typedef GenericSchemaValidator< SchemaDocument, BaseReaderHandler< UTF8< char >, void >, CrtAllocator > rapidjson::SchemaValidator
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