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gap_analysis.hpp File Reference

Analyzes gaps and produces various statistics. More...

#include <objects/seq/Seq_inst.hpp>
#include <objmgr/bioseq_ci.hpp>
#include <util/histogram_binning.hpp>
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class  CGapAnalysis
 Give this gaps, or handles containing gaps and then you can get statistics on those gaps. More...
struct  CGapAnalysis::SOneGapLengthSummary
 This holds information about a given gap_length. More...
struct  CGapAnalysis::SSeqIdRefLessThan
 Use this to compare the contents of TSeqIdConstRef instead of the pointer itself. More...
class  CGapAnalysis::SOneGapLengthSummarySorter
 This class does comparison of SOneGapLengthSummary, and it is adjustable which field to sort on and which direction to sort. More...


ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const CGapAnalysis::SOneGapLengthSummary &one_gap_len_summary)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const CGapAnalysis::TVectorGapLengthSummary &gap_len_summary)

Detailed Description

Analyzes gaps and produces various statistics.

Definition in file gap_analysis.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ operator<<() [1/2]

ostream& operator<< ( ostream &  s,
const CGapAnalysis::SOneGapLengthSummary one_gap_len_summary 

◆ operator<<() [2/2]

ostream& operator<< ( ostream &  s,
const CGapAnalysis::TVectorGapLengthSummary gap_len_summary 

Definition at line 195 of file gap_analysis.cpp.

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