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glstate.hpp File Reference
#include <gui/opengl.h>
#include <gui/gui.hpp>
#include <gui/utils/vect2.hpp>
#include <gui/utils/vect3.hpp>
#include <gui/utils/vect4.hpp>
#include <gui/utils/matrix3.hpp>
#include <gui/utils/matrix4.hpp>
#include <gui/utils/rgba_color.hpp>
#include <gui/opengl/gltypes.hpp>
#include <gui/opengl/globject.hpp>
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class  IGlState
 IGlState Interface for setting values in CGlState. More...
class  CGlState
 CGlState Class to encapsulate Rendering state so that a set of user-selected GL state options can be saved and then enabled as needed, particularly before the rendering of some object. More...


enum  ERenderTarget {
  eOpenGL20 , eOpenGL11 , eMetal , eRenderPDF ,
  eRenderDebug , eRenderSVG , eApiUndefined
 Different api levels based on information from OpenGL driver. More...
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