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job_status.hpp File Reference

NetSchedule job status tracker. More...

#include <map>
#include <corelib/ncbimtx.hpp>
#include "ns_types.hpp"
#include "ns_precise_time.hpp"
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class  CJobStatusTracker


const CNetScheduleAPI::EJobStatus g_ValidJobStatuses []
const size_t g_ValidJobStatusesSize

Detailed Description

NetSchedule job status tracker.

Definition in file job_status.hpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ g_ValidJobStatuses

const CNetScheduleAPI::EJobStatus g_ValidJobStatuses[]
Initial value:
@ eDone
Job is ready (computed successfully)
@ eConfirmed
Final state - read confirmed.
@ eReading
Job has its output been reading.
@ eCanceled
Explicitly canceled.
@ eRunning
Running on a worker node.
@ ePending
Waiting for execution.
@ eReadFailed
Final state - read failed.
@ eFailed
Failed to run (execution timeout)

Definition at line 55 of file job_status.hpp.

Referenced by CJobStatusTracker::AnyJobs(), CJobStatusTracker::ClearAll(), CJobStatusTracker::Count(), CStatisticsCounters::CStatisticsCounters(), CQueue::GetJobsPerState(), CJobStatusTracker::GetMinJobID(), CJobStatusTracker::GetStatus(), CJobStatusTracker::OptimizeMem(), CQueue::PrintJobsStat(), CJobStatusTracker::SetStatus(), CNetScheduleHandler::x_ProcessQueueInfo(), and CNetScheduleHandler::x_ProcessStatistics().

◆ g_ValidJobStatusesSize

const size_t g_ValidJobStatusesSize
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