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macro_parse_functions.cpp File Reference
#include <ncbi_pch.hpp>
#include <gui/objutils/macro_biodata.hpp>
#include <gui/objutils/macro_fn_do.hpp>
#include <gui/objutils/macro_fn_where.hpp>
#include <gui/objutils/macro_util.hpp>
#include <gui/objutils/macro_fn_pubfields.hpp>
#include <gui/objutils/macro_fn_string_constr.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/edit/field_type_constants.hpp>
#include <gui/widgets/edit/macro_parse_functions.hpp>
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class  CQueryTreeListFunctions
class  CAssignQueryTreeGetArgs
class  CDoQueryTreeGetArgs
 Functor should have the next prototype: ETreeTraverseCode Func(TreeNode& node, int delta_level) where node is a reference to the visited node and delta_level reflects the current traverse direction(depth wise) in the tree, 0 - algorithm stays is on the same level 1 - we are going one level deep into the tree (from the root) -1 - we are traveling back by one level (getting close to the root) More...
class  CWhereQueryTreeGetArgs


CNcbiOstreamoperator<< (CNcbiOstream &ostrm, const SMacroFuncWithArgs &f_args)

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CNcbiOstream& operator<< ( CNcbiOstream ostrm,
const SMacroFuncWithArgs f_args 
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