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NEditingStats Namespace Reference


void ReportUsage (const wxString &dialog_name)
 Report opening & accepting events in the editing package. More...
void ReportSubWizardUsage (const string &action_name)
 Report usage of the submission wizard dialog. More...

Function Documentation

◆ ReportSubWizardUsage()

void NEditingStats::ReportSubWizardUsage ( const string action_name)

Report usage of the submission wizard dialog.

Definition at line 52 of file report_dialog.cpp.

References REPORT_USAGE.

Referenced by CSubmissionWizard::CSubmissionWizard(), and CSubmissionWizard::x_StepForward().

◆ ReportUsage()

void NEditingStats::ReportUsage ( const wxString &  dialog_name)
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