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ncbi_conn_stream.hpp File Reference
#include <connect/ncbi_ftp_connector.h>
#include <connect/ncbi_memory_connector.h>
#include <connect/ncbi_namedpipe_connector.hpp>
#include <connect/ncbi_pipe_connector.hpp>
#include <connect/ncbi_service_connector.h>
#include <connect/ncbi_socket_connector.h>
#include <connect/ncbi_socket.hpp>
#include <util/icanceled.hpp>
#include <utility>
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class  CConn_IOStream
 Base class, inherited from "std::iostream", does both input and output, using the specified CONNECTOR. More...
class  CConn_IOStream::TConnector
 Helper class to build streams on top of CONNECTOR (internal use only). More...
class  CConn_IOStreamSetTimeout
class  CConn_IOStreamSetReadTimeout
class  CConn_IOStreamSetWriteTimeout
class  CConn_SocketStream
 This stream exchanges data in a TCP channel, using the SOCK socket API. More...
struct  SHTTP_StatusData
 Helper class to fetch HTTP status code and text. More...
class  CConn_HttpStream_Base
 Helper base class for HTTP-like streams. More...
class  CConn_HttpStream
 This stream exchanges data with an HTTP server located at the URL: http[s]://host[:port]/path[?args]. More...
class  CConn_ServiceStream
 This stream exchanges data with a named service, in a constraint that the service is implemented as one of the specified server "types" (details: <connect/ncbi_server_info.h>). More...
class  CConn_MemoryStream
 In-memory stream (a la strstream or stringstream) More...
class  CConn_PipeStream
 CConn_PipeStream for command piping. More...
class  CConn_NamedPipeStream
 CConn_NamedPipeStream for inter-process communication. More...
class  CConn_FtpStream
 CConn_FtpStream is an elaborate FTP client, can be used for data downloading and/or uploading to and from an FTP server. More...
class  CConn_FTPDownloadStream
 CConn_FtpStream specialization (ctor) for download. More...
class  CConn_FTPUploadStream
 CConn_FtpStream specialization (ctor) for upload. More...


CConn_IOStreamSetReadTimeout SetReadTimeout (const STimeout *timeout)
CConn_IOStreamoperator>> (CConn_IOStream &is, const CConn_IOStreamSetReadTimeout &s)
 Stream manipulator "is >> SetReadTimeout(timeout)". More...
CConn_IOStreamSetWriteTimeout SetWriteTimeout (const STimeout *timeout)
CConn_IOStreamoperator<< (CConn_IOStream &os, const CConn_IOStreamSetWriteTimeout &s)
 Stream manipulator "os << SetWriteTimeout(timeout)". More...
CConn_IOStreamNcbiOpenURL (const string &url, size_t buf_size=kConn_DefaultBufSize)
 Given a URL, open the data source and make it available for _reading_. More...


const size_t kConn_DefaultBufSize = 16384
 I/O buffer size per direction. More...
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