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ncbi_core_cxx.hpp File Reference
#include <corelib/ncbireg.hpp>
#include <connect/ncbi_tls.h>
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class  CConnIniter
 Helper hook-up class that installs default logging/registry/locking (but only if they have not yet been installed explicitly by the user) as if by calling CONNECT_Init(&CNcbiApplication::GetConfig()) automagically. More...


typedef unsigned int TConnectInitFlags
 Bitwise OR of EConnectInitFlag. More...


enum  EConnectInitFlag { eConnectInit_OwnNothing = 0 , eConnectInit_OwnRegistry = 1 , eConnectInit_OwnLock = 2 , eConnectInit_NoSSL = 4 }
 CONNECT_Init flags: which parameters to own / initialize. More...


REG REG_cxx2c (IRWRegistry *reg, bool pass_ownership=false)
 Convert a C++ Toolkit registry object to a REG registry. More...
REG REG_cxx2c (const IRWRegistry *reg, bool pass_ownership=false)
 Convert a C++ Toolkit read-only registry object to a REG registry. More...
LOG LOG_cxx2c (void)
 Create LOG on top of C++ Toolkit CNcbiDiag. More...
MT_LOCK MT_LOCK_cxx2c (CRWLock *lock=0, bool pass_ownership=false)
 Convert a C++ Toolkit lock object to an MT_LOCK lock. More...
void CONNECT_Init (const IRWRegistry *reg=0, CRWLock *lock=0, TConnectInitFlags flag=eConnectInit_OwnNothing, FSSLSetup ssl=0)
 Init [X]CONNECT library with the specified "reg" and "lock" (ownership for either or both can be detailed in the "flag" parameter). More...
const STimeoutg_CTimeoutToSTimeout (const CTimeout &cto, STimeout &sto)
 CTimeout/STimeout adapters. More...
CTimeout g_STimeoutToCTimeout (const STimeout *sto)
 Convert STimeout to CTimeout. More...
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