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ncbi_gnutls.c File Reference
#include "ncbi_ansi_ext.h"
#include "ncbi_connssl.h"
#include "ncbi_priv.h"
#include "ncbi_servicep.h"
#include <connect/ncbi_gnutls.h>
#include <connect/ncbi_tls.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
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#define NCBI_USE_ERRCODE_X   Connect_TLS


static EIO_Status s_GnuTlsInit (FSSLPull unused_pull, FSSLPush unused_push)
SOCKSSL NcbiSetupGnuTls (void)
 Explicitly setup GNUTLS library to support SSL in ncbi_socket.h[pp]. More...
NCBI_CRED NcbiCredGnuTls (void *xcred)
 Convert a native GNUTLS certificate credentials' handle into an abstract toolkit handle. More...

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#define NCBI_USE_ERRCODE_X   Connect_TLS

Definition at line 41 of file ncbi_gnutls.c.

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◆ s_GnuTlsInit()

static EIO_Status s_GnuTlsInit ( FSSLPull  unused_pull,
FSSLPush  unused_push 

Definition at line 879 of file ncbi_gnutls.c.

References CORE_LOG_X, eIO_NotSupported, and eLOG_Critical.

Referenced by NcbiSetupGnuTls().

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