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ncbi_heapmgr.h File Reference
#include <connect/ncbi_types.h>
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struct  SHEAP_Block


typedef struct SHEAP_tagHEAP
typedef void *(* FHEAP_Resize) (void *old_base, TNCBI_Size new_size, void *auxarg)


HEAP HEAP_Create (void *base, TNCBI_Size size, TNCBI_Size chunk_size, FHEAP_Resize resize, void *auxarg)
HEAP HEAP_Attach (const void *base, TNCBI_Size maxsize, int serial)
HEAP HEAP_AttachFast (const void *base, TNCBI_Size size, int serial)
SHEAP_BlockHEAP_Alloc (HEAP heap, TNCBI_Size size, int hint)
void HEAP_Free (HEAP heap, SHEAP_Block *ptr)
void HEAP_FreeFast (HEAP heap, SHEAP_Block *ptr, const SHEAP_Block *prev)
SHEAP_BlockHEAP_Walk (const HEAP heap, const SHEAP_Block *prev)
SHEAP_BlockHEAP_Next (const HEAP heap, const SHEAP_Block *prev)
HEAP HEAP_Trim (HEAP heap)
HEAP HEAP_Copy (const HEAP orig, size_t extra, int serial)
unsigned int HEAP_AddRef (HEAP heap)
unsigned int HEAP_Detach (HEAP heap)
unsigned int HEAP_Destroy (HEAP heap)
void * HEAP_Base (const HEAP heap)
TNCBI_Size HEAP_Size (const HEAP heap)
TNCBI_Size HEAP_Used (const HEAP heap)
TNCBI_Size HEAP_Idle (const HEAP heap)
int HEAP_Serial (const HEAP heap)
void HEAP_Options (ESwitch fast, ESwitch unused)
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