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ncbi_host_info.h File Reference
#include <connect/ncbi_types.h>
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struct  SHINFO_Params
 Host parameters. More...
struct  SHINFO_PortUsage
 Port usage. More...


typedef struct SHostInfoTagHOST_INFO
 Handle for the user code use. More...
typedef unsigned short TNcbiArch
typedef unsigned short TNcbiCapacity
typedef unsigned short TNcbiOSType


enum  ENcbiArch { fArch_Virtual = 1 , fArch_Unknown = 0 }
enum  ENcbiCapacity { fCapacity_Unknown , fCapacity_32 , fCapacity_64 , fCapacity_32_64 }
enum  ENcbiOSType {
  fOS_Unknown , fOS_IRIX = 8 , fOS_Solaris = 16 , fOS_BSD = 32 ,
  fOS_Darwin = 36 , fOS_Windows = 64 , fOS_WindowsServer = 96 , fOS_Linux = 128


unsigned int HINFO_HostAddr (const HOST_INFO host_info)
 Get the official host address. More...
int HINFO_CpuCount (const HOST_INFO host_info)
 Get CPU count (number of logical cores, hyper-threaded included). More...
int HINFO_CpuUnits (const HOST_INFO host_info)
 Get physical CPU count (number of physical cores, not packages). More...
double HINFO_CpuClock (const HOST_INFO host_info)
 Get CPU clock rate. More...
int HINFO_TaskCount (const HOST_INFO host_info)
 Get task count. More...
int HINFO_Memusage (const HOST_INFO host_info, double memusage[5])
 Get memory usage data. More...
int HINFO_MachineParams (const HOST_INFO host_info, SHINFO_Params *params)
 Get host parameters. More...
int HINFO_PortUsage (const HOST_INFO host_info, SHINFO_PortUsage ports[], size_t count)
 Obtain host port usage (currently only 4 first ports are published). More...
int HINFO_LoadAverage (const HOST_INFO host_info, double lavg[2])
 Obtain host load averages. More...
int HINFO_Status (const HOST_INFO host_info, double status[2])
 Obtain LB host availability status. More...
const char * HINFO_Environment (const HOST_INFO host_info)
 Obtain and return LB host environment. More...
const char * HINFO_AffinityArgument (const HOST_INFO host_info)
 Obtain the affinity argument that has keyed the service selection (if argument affinities have been used at all). More...
const char * HINFO_AffinityArgvalue (const HOST_INFO host_info)
 Obtain the affinity argument's value that has keyed the service selection (if argument affinities have been used at all). More...
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