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ncbi_http_connector.h File Reference
#include <connect/ncbi_connutil.h>
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typedef unsigned int THTTP_Flags
 Bitwise OR of EHTTP_Flag. More...
typedef unsigned int THCC_Flags
 bitwise OR of EHCC_Flag, deprecated More...
typedef EHTTP_HeaderParse(* FHTTP_ParseHeader) (const char *http_header, void *user_data, int server_error)
typedef int(* FHTTP_Adjust) (SConnNetInfo *net_info, void *user_data, unsigned int failure_count)
typedef void(* FHTTP_Cleanup) (void *user_data)
typedef void(* FHTTP_NcbiMessageHook) (const char *message)


enum  EHTTP_Flag {
  fHTTP_AutoReconnect = 0x1 , fHTTP_Flushable = 0x2 , fHTTP_KeepHeader = 0x4 , fHTTP_PushAuth = 0x10 ,
  fHTTP_WriteThru = 0x20 , fHTTP_NoUpread = 0x40 , fHTTP_DropUnread = 0x80 , fHTTP_NoAutoRetry = 0x100 ,
  fHTTP_NoAutomagicSID = 0x200 , fHTTP_UnsafeRedirects = 0x400 , fHTTP_AdjustOnRedirect = 0x800 , fHTTP_SuppressMessages = 0x1000
enum  EHCC_Flag { fHCC_UrlEncodeArgs = 0x8 , fHCC_UrlDecodeInput = 0x10 , fHCC_UrlEncodeOutput = 0x20 , fHCC_UrlCodec = 0x30 }
 DEPRECATED, do not use! More...
enum  EHTTP_HeaderParse { eHTTP_HeaderError = 0 , eHTTP_HeaderSuccess = 1 , eHTTP_HeaderContinue = 2 , eHTTP_HeaderComplete = 3 }
 The extended version HTTP_CreateConnectorEx() is able to track the HTTP response chain and also change the URL of the server "on-the-fly": More...


CONNECTOR HTTP_CreateConnector (const SConnNetInfo *net_info, const char *user_header, THTTP_Flags flags)
 Same as HTTP_CreateConnector(net_info, flags, 0, 0, 0, 0) with the passed "user_header" overriding the value provided in "net_info->http_user_header". More...
CONNECTOR HTTP_CreateConnectorEx (const SConnNetInfo *net_info, THTTP_Flags flags, FHTTP_ParseHeader parse_header, void *user_data, FHTTP_Adjust adjust, FHTTP_Cleanup cleanup)
 Create new CONNECTOR structure to hit the specified URL using HTTP with either POST / GET (or ANY) method. More...
EIO_Status HTTP_CreateTunnelEx (const SConnNetInfo *net_info, THTTP_Flags flags, const void *init_data, size_t init_size, void *user_data, FHTTP_Adjust adjust, SOCK *sock)
 Create a tunnel to "net_info->host:net_info->port" via an HTTP proxy server located at "net_info->http_proxy_host:net_info->http_proxy_port". More...
EIO_Status HTTP_CreateTunnel (const SConnNetInfo *net_info, THTTP_Flags flags, SOCK *sock)
 Same as HTTP_CreateTunnelEx(net_info, flags, 0, 0, 0, 0, sock) More...
void HTTP_SetNcbiMessageHook (FHTTP_NcbiMessageHook)
 Set a message hook procedure for messages originating from NCBI via HTTP. More...

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