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ncbi_local.c File Reference
#include "ncbi_ansi_ext.h"
#include "ncbi_comm.h"
#include "ncbi_lb.h"
#include "ncbi_local.h"
#include "ncbi_priv.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
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struct  SLOCAL_Data


static SSERV_Infos_GetNextInfo (SERV_ITER, HOST_INFO *)
static void s_Reset (SERV_ITER)
static void s_Close (SERV_ITER)
static int s_AddService (const SSERV_Info *info, struct SLOCAL_Data *data)
static int s_LoadSingleService (const char *name, SERV_ITER iter)
static int s_LoadServices (SERV_ITER iter)
static int s_Sort (const void *p1, const void *p2)
static SLB_Candidates_GetCandidate (void *user_data, size_t i)
const SSERV_VTableSERV_LOCAL_Open (SERV_ITER iter, SSERV_Info **info)


static const SSERV_VTable s_op

Function Documentation

◆ s_AddService()

static int s_AddService ( const SSERV_Info info,
struct SLOCAL_Data data 

Definition at line 66 of file ncbi_local.c.

References data, info, malloc(), memmove, and n.

Referenced by s_LoadSingleService().

◆ s_Close()

static void s_Close ( SERV_ITER  iter)

Definition at line 354 of file ncbi_local.c.

References assert, SSERV_IterTag::data, data, and free().

Referenced by SERV_LOCAL_Open().

◆ s_GetCandidate()

static SLB_Candidate* s_GetCandidate ( void *  user_data,
size_t  i 

Definition at line 215 of file ncbi_local.c.

References data, and i.

Referenced by s_GetNextInfo().

◆ s_GetNextInfo()

static SSERV_Info * s_GetNextInfo ( SERV_ITER  iter,
HOST_INFO host_info 

◆ s_LoadServices()

static int s_LoadServices ( SERV_ITER  iter)

◆ s_LoadSingleService()

static int s_LoadSingleService ( const char *  name,
SERV_ITER  iter 

◆ s_Reset()

static void s_Reset ( SERV_ITER  iter)

Definition at line 339 of file ncbi_local.c.

References assert, SSERV_IterTag::data, data, free(), and i.

Referenced by SERV_LOCAL_Open().

◆ s_Sort()

static int s_Sort ( const void *  p1,
const void *  p2 

Definition at line 197 of file ncbi_local.c.

References fSERV_Dns, SLB_Candidate::info, int, and SSERV_Info::type.

Referenced by s_GetNextInfo(), and SERV_LOCAL_Open().


const SSERV_VTable* SERV_LOCAL_Open ( SERV_ITER  iter,
SSERV_Info **  info 

Variable Documentation

◆ s_op

const SSERV_VTable s_op
Initial value:
= {
s_GetNextInfo, 0, 0, s_Reset, s_Close, "LOCAL"
static void s_Close(SERV_ITER)
Definition: ncbi_local.c:354
static void s_Reset(SERV_ITER)
Definition: ncbi_local.c:339
static SSERV_Info * s_GetNextInfo(SERV_ITER, HOST_INFO *)
Definition: ncbi_local.c:222

Definition at line 49 of file ncbi_local.c.

Referenced by SERV_LOCAL_Open().

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