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ncbitype.h File Reference

Defines Limits for the types used in NCBI C/C++ toolkit. More...

#include <ncbiconf.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
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#define NCBI_BIG_TYPE   Int8
#define SIZEOF_NCBI_BIG   8
#define NCBI_CONST_INT8(v)   INT64_C(v)
#define NCBI_CONST_UINT8(v)   UINT64_C(v)


typedef char Char
 Alias for char. More...
typedef signed char Schar
 Alias for signed char. More...
typedef unsigned char Uchar
 Alias for unsigned char. More...
typedef int8_t Int1
 1-byte (8-bit) signed integer More...
typedef uint8_t Uint1
 1-byte (8-bit) unsigned integer More...
typedef int16_t Int2
 2-byte (16-bit) signed integer More...
typedef uint16_t Uint2
 2-byte (16-bit) unsigned integer More...
typedef int32_t Int4
 4-byte (32-bit) signed integer More...
typedef uint32_t Uint4
 4-byte (32-bit) unsigned integer More...
typedef int64_t Int8
 8-byte (64-bit) signed integer More...
typedef uint64_t Uint8
 8-byte (64-bit) unsigned integer More...
typedef Int8 Ncbi_BigScalar
 Define large scalar type. More...
typedef int intptr_t
typedef unsigned int uintptr_t

Detailed Description

Defines Limits for the types used in NCBI C/C++ toolkit.

Defines NCBI C/C++ fixed-size types.

Limits for the NCBI C/C++ fixed-size types: Char, Uchar Int1, Uint1 – kMin_I1, kMax_I1, kMax_UI1 Int2, Uint2 – kMin_I2, kMax_I2, kMax_UI2 Int4, Uint4 – kMin_I4, kMax_I4, kMax_UI4 Int8, Uint8 – kMin_I8, kMax_I8, kMax_UI8

Limits for the built-in integer types: "char" – kMin_Char, kMax_Char, kMax_UChar "short" – kMin_Short, kMax_Short, kMax_UShort "int" – kMin_Int, kMax_Int, kMax_UInt "long" – kMin_Long, kMax_Long, kMax_ULong "long long" – kMin_LongLong, kMax_LongLong, kMax_ULongLong "__int64" – kMin_Int64, kMax_Int64, kMax_UInt64

Limits for the built-in floating-point types: "float" – kMin_Float, kMax_Float "double" – kMin_Double, kMax_Double

Definition in file ncbitype.h.

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