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netstorageobjectinfo.cpp File Reference
#include <ncbi_pch.hpp>
#include <connect/services/netstorage.hpp>
#include <connect/services/impl/netstorage_impl.hpp>
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struct  SData
struct  SLazyInitData
struct  SNetStorageObjectInfoImpl


typedef ENetStorageObjectLocation TLocation


CNetStorageObjectInfo g_CreateNetStorageObjectInfo (const string &object_loc, ENetStorageObjectLocation location, const CNetStorageObjectLoc *object_loc_struct, Uint8 file_size, CJsonNode::TInstance storage_specific_info)
CNetStorageObjectInfo g_CreateNetStorageObjectInfo (const CJsonNode &object_info_node)

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◆ TLocation

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CNetStorageObjectInfo g_CreateNetStorageObjectInfo ( const CJsonNode object_info_node)

Definition at line 244 of file netstorageobjectinfo.cpp.

◆ g_CreateNetStorageObjectInfo() [2/2]

CNetStorageObjectInfo g_CreateNetStorageObjectInfo ( const string object_loc,
ENetStorageObjectLocation  location,
const CNetStorageObjectLoc object_loc_struct,
Uint8  file_size,
CJsonNode::TInstance  storage_specific_info 
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