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ns_restore_state.hpp File Reference
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void SerializePauseState (const string &data_path, const map< string, int > &paused_queues)
void SerializePauseState (CNetScheduleServer *server)
void SerializeRefuseSubmitState (CNetScheduleServer *server)
void SerializeRefuseSubmitState (const string &data_path, bool server_refuse_state, const vector< string > refuse_submit_queues)
map< string, intDeserializePauseState (const string &data_path, bool diskless)
vector< stringDeserializeRefuseSubmitState (const string &data_path, bool diskless)

Function Documentation

◆ DeserializePauseState()

map<string, int> DeserializePauseState ( const string data_path,
bool  diskless 

◆ DeserializeRefuseSubmitState()

vector<string> DeserializeRefuseSubmitState ( const string data_path,
bool  diskless 

◆ SerializePauseState() [1/2]

void SerializePauseState ( CNetScheduleServer server)

◆ SerializePauseState() [2/2]

void SerializePauseState ( const string data_path,
const map< string, int > &  paused_queues 

◆ SerializeRefuseSubmitState() [1/2]

void SerializeRefuseSubmitState ( CNetScheduleServer server)

◆ SerializeRefuseSubmitState() [2/2]

void SerializeRefuseSubmitState ( const string data_path,
bool  server_refuse_state,
const vector< string refuse_submit_queues 
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