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odbc_utils.hpp File Reference
#include <dbapi/driver/impl/dbapi_driver_utils.hpp>
#include <dbapi/driver/odbc/interfaces.hpp>
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class  CODBCString




#define _T_NCBI_ODBC(x)   x


typedef CGenericSqlString< TSqlCharTSqlString


TSqlString x_MakeTSqlString (const CTempString &s, EEncoding enc)
wstring operator+ (const wstring &str1, const string &str2)
int util::strncmp (const char *str1, const char *str2, size_t count)
int util::strncmp (const wchar_t *str1, const wchar_t *str2, size_t count)
int util::strncmp (const SQLCHAR *str1, const char *str2, size_t count)
int util::strncmp (const char *str1, const SQLCHAR *str2, size_t count)
int util::strcmp (const char *str1, const char *str2)
int util::strcmp (const wchar_t *str1, const wchar_t *str2)
void NCBI_EntryPoint_xdbapi_odbc (CPluginManager< I_DriverContext >::TDriverInfoList &info_list, CPluginManager< I_DriverContext >::EEntryPointRequest method)

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#define _T_NCBI_ODBC (   x)    x

Definition at line 101 of file odbc_utils.hpp.

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◆ TSqlString

Definition at line 105 of file odbc_utils.hpp.

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◆ NCBI_EntryPoint_xdbapi_odbc()

void NCBI_EntryPoint_xdbapi_odbc ( CPluginManager< I_DriverContext >::TDriverInfoList &  info_list,
CPluginManager< I_DriverContext >::EEntryPointRequest  method 

◆ operator+()

wstring operator+ ( const wstring &  str1,
const string str2 

Definition at line 124 of file odbc_utils.hpp.

References CUtf8::AsUTF8(), and eEncoding_ISO8859_1.

◆ x_MakeTSqlString()

TSqlString x_MakeTSqlString ( const CTempString s,
EEncoding  enc 
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