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peer_control.hpp File Reference
#include "sync_log.hpp"
#include "nc_db_info.hpp"
#include "nc_stat.hpp"
#include <set>
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struct  SNCMirrorEvent
struct  SNCMirrorProlong
class  CNCPeerControl
class  CNCPeerShutdown


typedef intr::list_base_hook< intr::tag< SActiveList_tag > > TActiveListHook
typedef intr::list< CNCActiveHandler, intr::base_hook< TActiveListHook >, intr::constant_time_size< false > > TNCPeerConnsList
typedef list< CNCActiveClientHub * > TNCClientHubsList
typedef list< CNCActiveSyncControl * > TNCActiveSyncList
typedef TNCActiveSyncList::iterator TNCActiveSyncListIt
typedef list< SNCMirrorEvent * > TNCMirrorQueue

Typedef Documentation

◆ TActiveListHook

typedef intr::list_base_hook<intr::tag<SActiveList_tag> > TActiveListHook

Definition at line 50 of file peer_control.hpp.

◆ TNCActiveSyncList

Definition at line 55 of file peer_control.hpp.

◆ TNCActiveSyncListIt

typedef TNCActiveSyncList::iterator TNCActiveSyncListIt

Definition at line 56 of file peer_control.hpp.

◆ TNCClientHubsList

Definition at line 54 of file peer_control.hpp.

◆ TNCMirrorQueue

Definition at line 92 of file peer_control.hpp.

◆ TNCPeerConnsList

typedef intr::list<CNCActiveHandler, intr::base_hook<TActiveListHook>, intr::constant_time_size<false> > TNCPeerConnsList

Definition at line 53 of file peer_control.hpp.

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