NCBI C++ ToolKit
reader_idgen.hpp File Reference
#include <corelib/ncbistd.hpp>
#include <corelib/ncbicntr.hpp>
#include <objects/general/User_field.hpp>
#include <objects/general/Object_id.hpp>
#include <objects/seqloc/Seq_loc.hpp>
#include <objects/seqfeat/Feat_id.hpp>
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class  IIdGenerator< T >
 Templated interface for a generator of identifiers (IDs) of any type. More...
class  IThreadSafeIdGenerator< T >
 Thread-safe version of IIdGenerator. More...
class  COrdinalFeatIdGenerator
 Default implementation for a generator of identifiers, as integers, mashalled as CFeat_id objects. More...
class  ISeqIdResolver
 Interface for resolving a sequence identifier given a textual representation. More...
class  CFastaIdsResolver
 Default implementation of a Seq-id resolver, which knows about FASTA-formatted sequence identifiers. More...
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