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seq_id_handle.hpp File Reference
#include <objects/seqloc/Seq_id.hpp>
#include <set>
#include <vector>
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class  CSeq_id_Info
class  CSeq_id_InfoLocker
class  CSeq_id_Handle
struct  CSeq_id_Handle::PLessOrdered
 Predicate for sorting CSeq_id_Handles in a defined order. More...


enum  EAllowWeakMatch { eNoWeakMatch , eAllowWeakMatch }


CConstRef< CSeq_idGet_ConstRef_Seq_id (const CSeq_id_Handle &idh)
 Get CConstRef<CSeq_id> from a seq-id handle (for container searching template functions) More...
string GetDirectLabel (const CSeq_id &id)
 Return best label for a sequence from single Seq-id, or set of Seq-ids. More...
string GetDirectLabel (const CSeq_id_Handle &id)
string GetLabel (const CSeq_id &id)
string GetLabel (const CSeq_id_Handle &id)
string GetLabel (const vector< CSeq_id_Handle > &ids)
string GetLabel (const vector< CRef< CSeq_id > > &ids)
CNcbiOstreamoperator<< (CNcbiOstream &out, const CSeq_id_Handle &idh)
BEGIN_STD_SCOPE void swap (NCBI_NS_NCBI::objects::CSeq_id_Handle &idh1, NCBI_NS_NCBI::objects::CSeq_id_Handle &idh2)
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