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seq_loc_reverse_complementer.cpp File Reference
#include <ncbi_pch.hpp>
#include <objects/seq/seq_loc_reverse_complementer.hpp>
#include <objects/seqloc/Seq_interval.hpp>
#include <objects/seqloc/Seq_point.hpp>
#include <objects/seqloc/Seq_loc_equiv.hpp>
#include <objects/seqloc/Seq_bond.hpp>
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static ENa_strand s_GetPackedPntStrand (const CSeq_loc &loc)
static CSeq_intervals_SeqIntRevCmp (const CSeq_interval &i)
static CSeq_points_SeqPntRevCmp (const CSeq_point &pnt)
CSeq_locGetReverseComplement (const CSeq_loc &loc, CReverseComplementHelper *helper)
 Get reverse complement of the seq-loc (?). More...

Function Documentation

◆ GetReverseComplement()

CSeq_loc* GetReverseComplement ( const CSeq_loc loc,
CReverseComplementHelper helper 

◆ s_GetPackedPntStrand()

static ENa_strand s_GetPackedPntStrand ( const CSeq_loc loc)

Definition at line 50 of file seq_loc_reverse_complementer.cpp.

References _ASSERT, and eNa_strand_unknown.

Referenced by GetReverseComplement().

◆ s_SeqIntRevCmp()

static CSeq_interval* s_SeqIntRevCmp ( const CSeq_interval i)

Definition at line 58 of file seq_loc_reverse_complementer.cpp.

References eNa_strand_unknown, i, and Reverse().

Referenced by GetReverseComplement().

◆ s_SeqPntRevCmp()

static CSeq_point* s_SeqPntRevCmp ( const CSeq_point pnt)
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