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seq_vector_ci.hpp File Reference
#include <objmgr/seq_map_ci.hpp>
#include <objects/seq/Seq_data.hpp>
#include <iterator>
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class  CSeqVectorTypes
class  INcbi2naRandomizer
class  CSeqVector_CI
class  CSeqVector_CI::CTempValue
 special temporary holder for return value from postfix operators More...


CSeqVector_CI operator+ (const CSeqVector_CI &iter, TSeqPos value)
CSeqVector_CI operator- (const CSeqVector_CI &iter, TSeqPos value)
CSeqVector_CI operator+ (const CSeqVector_CI &iter, TSignedSeqPos value)
CSeqVector_CI operator- (const CSeqVector_CI &iter, TSignedSeqPos value)
TSignedSeqPos operator- (const CSeqVector_CI &iter1, const CSeqVector_CI &iter2)
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