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sm_identity.c File Reference
#include <util/tables/raw_scoremat.h>
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static const TNCBIScore s_IdentityPSM [25 *25]
 Entries for the IDENTITY matrix. More...
const SNCBIPackedScoreMatrix NCBISM_Identity

Variable Documentation

◆ NCBISM_Identity

const SNCBIPackedScoreMatrix NCBISM_Identity
Initial value:
= {
static const TNCBIScore s_IdentityPSM[25 *25]
Entries for the IDENTITY matrix.
Definition: sm_identity.c:38

Definition at line 92 of file sm_identity.c.

Referenced by NCBISM_GetStandardMatrix(), CCmdLineBlastXML2ReportData::x_FillScoreMatrix(), and CCmdLineBlastXMLReportData::x_FillScoreMatrix().

◆ s_IdentityPSM

const TNCBIScore s_IdentityPSM[25 *25]

Entries for the IDENTITY matrix.

Definition at line 38 of file sm_identity.c.

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