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sockets_man.hpp File Reference
#include "task_server.hpp"
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void ConfigureSockets (const CNcbiRegistry *reg, CTempString section)
bool ReConfig_Sockets (const CTempString &section, const CNcbiRegistry &new_reg, string &err_message)
void WriteSetup_Sockets (CSrvSocketTask &task)
bool InitSocketsMan (void)
bool StartSocketsMan (void)
void DoSocketWait (void)
void FinalizeSocketsMan (void)
void AssignThreadSocks (SSrvThread *thr)
void ReleaseThreadSocks (SSrvThread *thr)
void MoveAllSockets (SSocketsData *dst_socks, SSocketsData *src_socks)
void PromoteSockAmount (SSocketsData *socks)
void CheckConnectsTimeout (SSocketsData *socks)
void CleanSocketList (SSocketsData *socks)
void SetAllSocksRunnable (SSocketsData *socks)
void RequestStopListening (void)

Function Documentation

◆ AssignThreadSocks()

void AssignThreadSocks ( SSrvThread thr)

Definition at line 208 of file sockets_man.cpp.

References thr.

Referenced by s_AllocThread().

◆ CheckConnectsTimeout()

void CheckConnectsTimeout ( SSocketsData socks)

◆ CleanSocketList()

void CleanSocketList ( SSocketsData socks)

◆ ConfigureSockets()

void ConfigureSockets ( const CNcbiRegistry reg,
CTempString  section 

◆ DoSocketWait()

void DoSocketWait ( void  )

◆ FinalizeSocketsMan()

void FinalizeSocketsMan ( void  )

Definition at line 679 of file sockets_man.cpp.

References close(), and s_EpollFD.

Referenced by CTaskServer::Finalize().

◆ InitSocketsMan()

bool InitSocketsMan ( void  )

◆ MoveAllSockets()

void MoveAllSockets ( SSocketsData dst_socks,
SSocketsData src_socks 

Definition at line 768 of file sockets_man.cpp.

References SSocketsData::sock_cnt, and SSocketsData::sock_list.

Referenced by s_PerJiffyTasks_Worker().

◆ PromoteSockAmount()

void PromoteSockAmount ( SSocketsData socks)

Definition at line 777 of file sockets_man.cpp.

References AtomicAdd(), s_AllSocketsCount, and SSocketsData::sock_cnt.

Referenced by s_PerJiffyTasks_Worker().

◆ ReConfig_Sockets()

bool ReConfig_Sockets ( const CTempString section,
const CNcbiRegistry new_reg,
string err_message 

Definition at line 190 of file sockets_man.cpp.

References ConfigureSockets().

Referenced by CTaskServer::ReConfig().

◆ ReleaseThreadSocks()

void ReleaseThreadSocks ( SSrvThread thr)

Definition at line 215 of file sockets_man.cpp.

Referenced by s_StopCurMgrThread().

◆ RequestStopListening()

void RequestStopListening ( void  )

Definition at line 840 of file sockets_man.cpp.

References s_Listener, and CSrvTask::SetRunnable().

Referenced by TrackShuttingDown().

◆ SetAllSocksRunnable()

void SetAllSocksRunnable ( SSocketsData socks)

Definition at line 827 of file sockets_man.cpp.

References NON_CONST_ITERATE, and SSocketsData::sock_list.

Referenced by s_PerJiffyTasks_Worker().

◆ StartSocketsMan()

bool StartSocketsMan ( void  )

Definition at line 667 of file sockets_man.cpp.

References Critical(), s_CntListeningSocks, s_StartListening(), and SRV_LOG.

Referenced by CTaskServer::Run().

◆ WriteSetup_Sockets()

void WriteSetup_Sockets ( CSrvSocketTask task)
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