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spliced_hits.h File Reference
#include <algo/blast/core/blast_hits.h>
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struct  HSPContainer
struct  HSPChain
 A chain of HSPs: spliced alignment. More...
struct  BlastMappingResults
 Structure that contains BLAST mapping results. More...


typedef struct HSPContainer HSPContainer
typedef struct HSPChain HSPChain
 A chain of HSPs: spliced alignment. More...
typedef struct BlastMappingResults BlastMappingResults
 Structure that contains BLAST mapping results. More...


HSPContainerHSPContainerNew (BlastHSP **hsp)
 Create HSPContainer and take ownership of the HSP. More...
HSPContainerHSPContainerFree (HSPContainer *hc)
 Free the list of HSPs, along with the stored HSPs. More...
HSPContainerHSPContainerDup (HSPContainer *inh)
 Clone a list of HSP containers. More...
HSPChainHSPChainFree (HSPChain *chain_list)
 Deallocate a chain or list of chains. More...
HSPChainHSPChainNew (Int4 context)
 Allocate a chain. More...
HSPChainCloneChain (const HSPChain *chain)
 Clone a single HSP chain. More...
BlastMappingResultsBlast_MappingResultsNew (void)
 Initialize BlastMappingResults structure. More...
BlastMappingResultsBlast_MappingResultsFree (BlastMappingResults *results)
 Free BlastMappingResults structure. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ BlastMappingResults

Structure that contains BLAST mapping results.

◆ HSPChain

typedef struct HSPChain HSPChain

A chain of HSPs: spliced alignment.

◆ HSPContainer

typedef struct HSPContainer HSPContainer

Function Documentation

◆ Blast_MappingResultsFree()

BlastMappingResults* Blast_MappingResultsFree ( BlastMappingResults results)

◆ Blast_MappingResultsNew()

BlastMappingResults* Blast_MappingResultsNew ( void  )

Initialize BlastMappingResults structure.

Definition at line 164 of file spliced_hits.c.

References calloc().

Referenced by CMagicBlast::Run(), and CMagicBlast::RunEx().

◆ CloneChain()

HSPChain* CloneChain ( const HSPChain chain)

◆ HSPChainFree()

HSPChain* HSPChainFree ( HSPChain chain_list)

◆ HSPChainNew()

HSPChain* HSPChainNew ( Int4  context)

Allocate a chain.

Definition at line 126 of file spliced_hits.c.

References HSPChain::adapter, calloc(), HSPChain::context, context, and NULL.

Referenced by CloneChain(), s_FindBestPath(), and s_RemoveOverlaps().

◆ HSPContainerDup()

HSPContainer* HSPContainerDup ( HSPContainer inh)

Clone a list of HSP containers.

Definition at line 68 of file spliced_hits.c.

References Blast_HSPClone(), Blast_HSPFree(), HSPContainer::hsp, HSPContainerFree(), HSPContainerNew(), HSPContainer::next, and NULL.

Referenced by CloneChain().

◆ HSPContainerFree()

HSPContainer* HSPContainerFree ( HSPContainer hc)

◆ HSPContainerNew()

HSPContainer* HSPContainerNew ( BlastHSP **  hsp)

Create HSPContainer and take ownership of the HSP.

Definition at line 37 of file spliced_hits.c.

References calloc(), HSPContainer::hsp, and NULL.

Referenced by HSPContainerDup(), and s_FindBestPath().

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