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util.hpp File Reference
#include <connect/services/netschedule_api.hpp>
#include <connect/services/ns_output_parser.hpp>
#include <connect/services/netstorage.hpp>
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class  IJobInfoProcessor
class  CJobInfoToJSON
class  NNetStorage::CExecToJson




#define TOKEN_TYPE__NETCACHE_BLOB_KEY   "NetCacheBlobKey"
#define TOKEN_TYPE__NETSCHEDULE_JOB_KEY   "NetScheduleJobKey"
#define TOKEN_TYPE__NETSTORAGEOBJECT_LOC   "NetStorageObjectLoc"


CJsonNode g_LegacyStatToJson (CNetServer server, bool verbose)
CJsonNode g_QueueInfoToJson (CNetScheduleAPI ns_api, const string &queue_name)
CJsonNode g_QueueClassInfoToJson (CNetScheduleAPI ns_api)
CJsonNode g_ReconfAndReturnJson (CNetScheduleAPI ns_api)
void g_ProcessJobInfo (CNetScheduleAPI ns_api, const string &job_key, IJobInfoProcessor *processor, bool verbose, CCompoundIDPool::TInstance id_pool=NULL)
void g_PrintJSON (FILE *output_stream, CJsonNode node, const char *indent="\t")
CJsonNode g_ExecAnyCmdToJson (CNetService service, const string &command, bool multiline)
CJsonNode g_ServerInfoToJson (CNetService service, bool server_version_key)
void g_SuspendNetSchedule (CNetScheduleAPI netschedule_api, bool pullback_mode)
void g_ResumeNetSchedule (CNetScheduleAPI netschedule_api)
void g_SuspendWorkerNode (CNetServer worker_node, bool pullback_mode, unsigned timeout)
void g_ResumeWorkerNode (CNetServer worker_node)
CJsonNode g_WhatIs (const string &id, CCompoundIDPool id_pool=CCompoundIDPool())
void NNetStorage::RemoveStdReplyFields (CJsonNode &server_reply)

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#define TOKEN_TYPE__NETCACHE_BLOB_KEY   "NetCacheBlobKey"

Definition at line 118 of file util.hpp.


#define TOKEN_TYPE__NETSCHEDULE_JOB_KEY   "NetScheduleJobKey"

Definition at line 119 of file util.hpp.


#define TOKEN_TYPE__NETSTORAGEOBJECT_LOC   "NetStorageObjectLoc"

Definition at line 120 of file util.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ g_ExecAnyCmdToJson()

CJsonNode g_ExecAnyCmdToJson ( CNetService  service,
const string command,
bool  multiline 

◆ g_LegacyStatToJson()

CJsonNode g_LegacyStatToJson ( CNetServer  server,
bool  verbose 

◆ g_PrintJSON()

void g_PrintJSON ( FILE *  output_stream,
CJsonNode  node,
const char *  indent = "\t" 

◆ g_ProcessJobInfo()

void g_ProcessJobInfo ( CNetScheduleAPI  ns_api,
const string job_key,
IJobInfoProcessor processor,
bool  verbose,
CCompoundIDPool::TInstance  id_pool = NULL 

◆ g_QueueClassInfoToJson()

CJsonNode g_QueueClassInfoToJson ( CNetScheduleAPI  ns_api)

◆ g_QueueInfoToJson()

CJsonNode g_QueueInfoToJson ( CNetScheduleAPI  ns_api,
const string queue_name 

◆ g_ReconfAndReturnJson()

CJsonNode g_ReconfAndReturnJson ( CNetScheduleAPI  ns_api)

◆ g_ResumeNetSchedule()

void g_ResumeNetSchedule ( CNetScheduleAPI  netschedule_api)

◆ g_ResumeWorkerNode()

void g_ResumeWorkerNode ( CNetServer  worker_node)

◆ g_ServerInfoToJson()

CJsonNode g_ServerInfoToJson ( CNetService  service,
bool  server_version_key 

Definition at line 799 of file util.cpp.

References CNetService::eIncludePenalized, and g_ExecToJson().

Referenced by SServerInfoToJson::ExecOn().

◆ g_SuspendNetSchedule()

void g_SuspendNetSchedule ( CNetScheduleAPI  netschedule_api,
bool  pullback_mode 

◆ g_SuspendWorkerNode()

void g_SuspendWorkerNode ( CNetServer  worker_node,
bool  pullback_mode,
unsigned  timeout 

◆ g_WhatIs()

CJsonNode g_WhatIs ( const string id,
CCompoundIDPool  id_pool = CCompoundIDPool() 
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