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scheduler.hpp File Reference
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void ConfigureScheduler (const CNcbiRegistry *reg, CTempString section)
bool ReConfig_Scheduler (const CTempString &section, const CNcbiRegistry &new_reg, string &err_message)
void WriteSetup_Scheduler (CSrvSocketTask &task)
Uint4 GetDefaultTaskPriority (void)
void AssignThreadSched (SSrvThread *thr)
void ReleaseThreadSched (SSrvThread *thr)
void SchedCheckOverloads (void)
void SchedExecuteTask (SSrvThread *thr)
void SchedStartJiffy (SSrvThread *thr)
bool SchedIsAllIdle (void)
void MarkTaskTerminated (CSrvTask *task, bool immediate=true)

Function Documentation

◆ AssignThreadSched()

void AssignThreadSched ( SSrvThread thr)

Definition at line 593 of file scheduler.cpp.

References SSchedInfo::cnt_signal, SSchedInfo::max_tasks, CFutex::SetValueNonAtomic(), and thr.

Referenced by s_AllocThread().

◆ ConfigureScheduler()

void ConfigureScheduler ( const CNcbiRegistry reg,
CTempString  section 

◆ GetDefaultTaskPriority()

Uint4 GetDefaultTaskPriority ( void  )

◆ MarkTaskTerminated()

void MarkTaskTerminated ( CSrvTask task,
bool  immediate = true 

◆ ReConfig_Scheduler()

bool ReConfig_Scheduler ( const CTempString section,
const CNcbiRegistry new_reg,
string err_message 

Definition at line 573 of file scheduler.cpp.

References IRegistry::GetInt(), and s_TaskPriorityDefault.

Referenced by CTaskServer::ReConfig().

◆ ReleaseThreadSched()

void ReleaseThreadSched ( SSrvThread thr)

◆ SchedCheckOverloads()

void SchedCheckOverloads ( void  )

◆ SchedExecuteTask()

void SchedExecuteTask ( SSrvThread thr)

◆ SchedIsAllIdle()

bool SchedIsAllIdle ( void  )

◆ SchedStartJiffy()

void SchedStartJiffy ( SSrvThread thr)

◆ WriteSetup_Scheduler()

void WriteSetup_Scheduler ( CSrvSocketTask task)
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