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srv_tasks.hpp File Reference
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class  CSrvTaskTerminator
 This class is for TaskServer's internal use only. More...
class  CSrvTask
 Main working entity in TaskServer. More...
class  CSrvStatesTask< Derived >
 Special task which executes as finite state machine. More...
struct  CSrvStatesTask< Derived >::State
 Structure behaving identically to pointer to state-implementing method. More...
class  CSrvTransitionTask
 Special task that has some information to give to its consumers but first this information should be obtained from somewhere. More...
class  CSrvTransConsumer
 Consumer of notification about transition completeness in CSrvTransitionTask. More...


#define __NC_TASKS_MONITOR   0
#define __NC_TASKS_INTR_SET   1


typedef intr::slist_member_hook< intr::tag< SSrvTaskList_tag > > TSrvTaskListHook
typedef intr::member_hook< CSrvTask, TSrvTaskListHook, &CSrvTask::m_TaskListHookTSrvTaskListOpt
typedef intr::slist< CSrvTask, TSrvTaskListOpt, intr::cache_last< true >, intr::constant_time_size< true >, intr::size_type< Uint4 > > TSrvTaskList
typedef intr::list_base_hook< intr::tag< SSrvConsList_Tag > > TSrvConsListHook
typedef intr::list< CSrvTransConsumer, intr::base_hook< TSrvConsListHook >, intr::constant_time_size< false > > TSrvConsList


Uint8 s_CurJiffies

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#define __NC_TASKS_INTR_SET   1

Definition at line 43 of file srv_tasks.hpp.


#define __NC_TASKS_MONITOR   0

Definition at line 40 of file srv_tasks.hpp.

Typedef Documentation

◆ TSrvConsList

typedef intr::list<CSrvTransConsumer, intr::base_hook<TSrvConsListHook>, intr::constant_time_size<false> > TSrvConsList

Definition at line 363 of file srv_tasks.hpp.

◆ TSrvConsListHook

typedef intr::list_base_hook<intr::tag<SSrvConsList_Tag> > TSrvConsListHook

Definition at line 360 of file srv_tasks.hpp.

◆ TSrvTaskList

typedef intr::slist<CSrvTask, TSrvTaskListOpt, intr::cache_last<true>, intr::constant_time_size<true>, intr::size_type<Uint4> > TSrvTaskList

Definition at line 246 of file srv_tasks.hpp.

◆ TSrvTaskListHook

typedef intr::slist_member_hook<intr::tag<SSrvTaskList_tag> > TSrvTaskListHook

Definition at line 52 of file srv_tasks.hpp.

◆ TSrvTaskListOpt

Definition at line 241 of file srv_tasks.hpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ s_CurJiffies

Uint8 s_CurJiffies

Definition at line 53 of file time_man.cpp.

Referenced by CSrvStatesTask< CBlobCacher >::ExecuteSlice().

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