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stringbuffer.h File Reference
#include "stream.h"
#include "internal/stack.h"
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class  rapidjson::GenericStringBuffer< Encoding, Allocator >
 Represents an in-memory output stream. More...


 main RapidJSON namespace


template<typename Encoding , typename Allocator >
void rapidjson::PutReserve (GenericStringBuffer< Encoding, Allocator > &stream, size_t count)
template<typename Encoding , typename Allocator >
void rapidjson::PutUnsafe (GenericStringBuffer< Encoding, Allocator > &stream, typename Encoding::Ch c)
void rapidjson::PutN (GenericStringBuffer< UTF8<> > &stream, char c, size_t n)
 Implement specialized version of PutN() with memset() for better performance. More...
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