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CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo Struct Reference

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#include "classstr.hpp"
(Private to src/serial/datatool.)

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Public Member Functions

 SMemberInfo (const string &external_name, const string &name, const AutoPtr< CTypeStrings > &type, const string &pointerType, bool optional, const string &defaultValue, bool delayed, int tag, bool noPrefx, bool attlst, bool noTg, bool simpl, const CDataType *dataTp, bool nEmpty, const CComments &comments)

Public Attributes

string externalName
string cName
string mName
string tName
AutoPtr< CTypeStringstype
string ptrType
string valueName
bool optional
bool ref
bool haveFlag
bool canBeNull
bool delayed
int memberTag
string defaultValue
bool noPrefix
bool attlist
bool noTag
bool simple
const CDataTypedataType
bool nonEmpty
CComments comments

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file classstr.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SMemberInfo()

CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::SMemberInfo ( const string external_name,
const string name,
const AutoPtr< CTypeStrings > &  type,
const string pointerType,
bool  optional,
const string defaultValue,
bool  delayed,
int  tag,
bool  noPrefx,
bool  attlst,
bool  noTg,
bool  simpl,
const CDataType dataTp,
bool  nEmpty,
const CComments comments 

Member Data Documentation

◆ attlist

bool CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::attlist

Definition at line 66 of file classstr.hpp.

◆ canBeNull

bool CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::canBeNull

Definition at line 61 of file classstr.hpp.

Referenced by SMemberInfo().

◆ cName

string CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::cName

◆ comments

CComments CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::comments

Definition at line 71 of file classstr.hpp.

◆ dataType

const CDataType* CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::dataType

Definition at line 69 of file classstr.hpp.

Referenced by CAliasTypeStrings::GenerateUserHPPCode(), and SMemberInfo().

◆ defaultValue

string CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::defaultValue

Definition at line 64 of file classstr.hpp.

Referenced by SMemberInfo().

◆ delayed

bool CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::delayed

Definition at line 62 of file classstr.hpp.

◆ externalName

string CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::externalName

◆ haveFlag

bool CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::haveFlag

◆ memberTag

int CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::memberTag

Definition at line 63 of file classstr.hpp.

◆ mName

string CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::mName

Definition at line 53 of file classstr.hpp.

Referenced by SMemberInfo().

◆ nonEmpty

bool CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::nonEmpty

Definition at line 70 of file classstr.hpp.

◆ noPrefix

bool CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::noPrefix

Definition at line 65 of file classstr.hpp.

◆ noTag

bool CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::noTag

Definition at line 67 of file classstr.hpp.

◆ optional

bool CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::optional

Definition at line 58 of file classstr.hpp.

Referenced by SMemberInfo().

◆ ptrType

string CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::ptrType

Definition at line 56 of file classstr.hpp.

Referenced by SMemberInfo().

◆ ref

bool CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::ref

Definition at line 59 of file classstr.hpp.

Referenced by SMemberInfo().

◆ simple

bool CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::simple

Definition at line 68 of file classstr.hpp.

Referenced by CAliasTypeStrings::GenerateCode().

◆ tName

string CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::tName

◆ type

AutoPtr<CTypeStrings> CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::type

◆ valueName

string CClassTypeStrings::SMemberInfo::valueName

Definition at line 57 of file classstr.hpp.

Referenced by SMemberInfo().

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