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CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet Struct Reference

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Public Types

typedef vector< size_t > TParts
typedef TParts::const_iterator TPart_CI
typedef TParts::iterator TPart_I

Public Member Functions

size_t GetElementsCount (void) const
size_t GetStartIndex (void) const
size_t GetEndIndex (void) const
bool Contains (size_t idx) const
size_t GetPartsCount (void) const
size_t GetPartStartOffset (TPart_CI part) const
size_t GetPartEndOffset (TPart_CI part) const
size_t GetPartStartIndex (TPart_CI part) const
size_t GetPartEndIndex (TPart_CI part) const
TPart_I FindPartByElementIndex (size_t idx)
TPart_CI FindPartByElementIndex (size_t idx) const

Public Attributes

size_t m_StartIndex
TParts m_Parts

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1066 of file Seq_loc.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ TPart_CI

typedef TParts::const_iterator CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::TPart_CI

Definition at line 1073 of file Seq_loc.cpp.

◆ TPart_I

typedef TParts::iterator CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::TPart_I

Definition at line 1074 of file Seq_loc.cpp.

◆ TParts

typedef vector<size_t> CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::TParts

Definition at line 1072 of file Seq_loc.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Contains()

bool CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::Contains ( size_t  idx) const

Definition at line 1097 of file Seq_loc.cpp.

References GetEndIndex(), and GetStartIndex().

Referenced by FindPartByElementIndex().

◆ FindPartByElementIndex() [1/2]

TPart_I CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::FindPartByElementIndex ( size_t  idx)

◆ FindPartByElementIndex() [2/2]

TPart_CI CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::FindPartByElementIndex ( size_t  idx) const

Definition at line 1141 of file Seq_loc.cpp.

References _ASSERT, Contains(), GetStartIndex(), and m_Parts.

◆ GetElementsCount()

size_t CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::GetElementsCount ( void  ) const

◆ GetEndIndex()

size_t CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::GetEndIndex ( void  ) const

◆ GetPartEndIndex()

size_t CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::GetPartEndIndex ( TPart_CI  part) const

◆ GetPartEndOffset()

size_t CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::GetPartEndOffset ( TPart_CI  part) const

Definition at line 1116 of file Seq_loc.cpp.

References _ASSERT, and m_Parts.

Referenced by GetPartEndIndex().

◆ GetPartsCount()

size_t CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::GetPartsCount ( void  ) const

Definition at line 1103 of file Seq_loc.cpp.

References _ASSERT, and m_Parts.

Referenced by CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::PByLevel::operator()().

◆ GetPartStartIndex()

size_t CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::GetPartStartIndex ( TPart_CI  part) const

Definition at line 1123 of file Seq_loc.cpp.

References GetPartStartOffset(), and GetStartIndex().

Referenced by CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::GetEquivPartRange().

◆ GetPartStartOffset()

size_t CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::GetPartStartOffset ( TPart_CI  part) const

Definition at line 1110 of file Seq_loc.cpp.

References _ASSERT, and m_Parts.

Referenced by GetPartStartIndex().

◆ GetStartIndex()

size_t CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::GetStartIndex ( void  ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_Parts

TParts CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::m_Parts

◆ m_StartIndex

size_t CSeq_loc_CI_Impl::SEquivSet::m_StartIndex

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