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SBuildInfo Struct Reference

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This class allows to add build info (date and tag) to application version. More...

#include <corelib/version_api.hpp>

Public Types

enum  EExtra {
  eBuildDate , eBuildTag , eTeamCityProjectName , eTeamCityBuildConf ,
  eTeamCityBuildNumber , eBuildID , eSubversionRevision , eStableComponentsVersion ,
  eDevelopmentVersion , eProductionVersion , eBuiltAs , eRevision ,

Public Member Functions

 SBuildInfo (void)
 SBuildInfo (const string &d, const string &t=kEmptyStr)
SBuildInfoExtra (EExtra key, const string &value)
SBuildInfoExtra (EExtra key, int value)
string GetExtraValue (EExtra key, const string &default_value=kEmptyStr) const
CTime GetBuildTime (void) const
 Converts 'date' parameter to CTime. More...
string Print (size_t offset=0) const
string PrintXml (void) const
string PrintJson (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static string ExtraName (EExtra key)
static string ExtraNameXml (EExtra key)
static string ExtraNameJson (EExtra key)
static string ExtraNameAppLog (EExtra key)

Public Attributes

string date
string tag
vector< pair< EExtra, string > > m_extra

Detailed Description

This class allows to add build info (date and tag) to application version.

This can be done by providing explicitly created SBuildInfo instance

If clients do not explicitly set their own build info, C++ Toolkit build info will be used in the reporting instead.

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